NEW Therapy Options for You

Dear Relationship Centre Community

As the news surrounding COVID-19 evolves we have closely monitored the updates and recommendations. Our goal at The Relationship Centre remains the same, walking alongside our clients to optimize their wellbeing. We recognize the significant impact of the current events upon your mental health. This is a time when we need to turn to others for support, guidance and resources to manage the emotional impacts of this challenging time.

A New & Effective Way to Experience Therapy

Beginning the week of March 23rd we will transition all scheduled appointments to Telemental Health Services. It is important for the team at The Relationship Centre to do our part in following the recommendations to reduce social contact and “flatten the curve” of this pandemic.

Working together we can make a difference.

Choose the Option that is Best for You

We are here to help.

Your therapist will be reaching out to you personally to provide you with the option of Phone Sessions or Video-Conference Sessions.

Here is how they work:
Phone Sessions
While getting comfortable in a quiet, private space, you will speak to your therapist on the phone to conduct your therapy session. Research has shown that phone therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy for many clients.

Video-Conference Sessions
We are using Zoom which requires you to have access to a phone, tablet or computer equipped with a webcam and microphone (as most are) and be connected with a secure internet connection (as opposed to free Wi-Fi). Like a phone session, you with get comfortable in a quiet, private space. Your therapist will email you an “Invite” through the Zoom platform. You simply click on the Zoom link and follow the prompts on your screen. Then you and your therapist will be connected. Now you and your therapist will see and hear each other, very similar to being in the same room together.

Will it be helpful?

If you have never experienced receiving therapy via phone or video-conference, we understand your skepticism. When you have appreciated the value of seeing your therapist in the comfort and safety of the therapy room, it can be hard to imagine something different feeling as good or effective. But collectively, we have provided 100’s of Telemental Health Sessions and we know that clients receive high value from experiencing therapy in these alternate ways.


We want you to continue to receive the benefits of therapy, especially during this time of uncertainty and rapid change. You deserve to have support to help maintain your emotional balance and wellness at this time.

Individual & Couple Therapy Sessions Available

Our therapists are here for you.

For Individuals:
Individual sessions can be scheduled by either Phone or Video-Conference. Both are effective and will help you to feel better and manage the stress and challenge you may be experienced.

For Couples:
Couple sessions are best provided through Video-Conference. The work we do with couples requires observing and processing their emotional experiences during sessions. Therefore, it is essential that we see our couples to help them make the changes they are hoping for. Therapists have been providing video-conference sessions with couples for years with results as positive as in-person session.

Additional Details

A dedicated consent for Telemental Health Services is required. This is in addition to the Consent to Treatment you have previously signed at the commencement of therapy. The consent will be emailed to your through our practice management program and you can sign it online and it will automatically be saved to your electronic chart.

For our private pay clients, many of you have already provided a credit card on file which will be used to bill for your session at the end of each session. If we have not yet collected a credit card number, this will be requested in order to bill for the session. If you do not have a credit card to use for this purpose, an e-transfer can be sent prior to the start of the session to which is set up for auto-deposit.
If you are a client where we bill on your behalf, such as Health Canada, Blue Cross etc., we will continue to bill as we have always done.

Tips for Coping with Coronavirus Stress


  • Recognize your stress
  • Manage what you can; release what you cannot
  • Know your limits
  • Practice self-care

These tips are from a great article about helping you manage the stress you may be feeling. Focusing on 1 or 2 of the suggestions in the article can make a difference.

Our Appreciation…

We understand that change can be hard. We are making every effort to make your new way of receiving therapy as stress free as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this together.

Stay Well,
Mary Joan Brinson, Director
The Relationship Centre