Self-Esteem Therapy

Do you find yourself…

woman on swing Self-Esteem Therapy
  • Frequently saying “I’m sorry”
  • Making comparisons to others
  • Having difficulty accepting a compliment
  • Having trouble saying no
  • Unable to ask for what you need in a relationship

Would you like to feel strong, empowered, unstoppable?

Strong Woman Self-Esteem Therapy

The way we see ourselves affects how others see us and how we move in the world. When we come from a place of feeling “not good enough” we make assumptions that others will see us in a negative light. We overestimate the possibility of failure and we underestimate our ability to handle life challenges. Not feeling good enough can result in working hard to prove yourself as worthy – striving for perfection ; or remaining small so others will not see what you fear most – that you really aren’t good enough. Both create an experience of emotional pain, isolation and disconnection.

Are you…

man on dock Self-Esteem Therapy
  • Easily frustrated with mistakes
  • Constantly feeling guilty
  • Plagued by indecision
  • Fearing failure
  • Frequently seeking reassurance
  • Disliking people and harbouring feelings of hostility

Would you like to feel confident, self assured, happy?

confident man Self-Esteem Therapy

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~ Sharon Salzberg

heart in hands Self-Esteem Therapy
Self-Esteem therapy can help:
  • Understand the core beliefs that create and perpetuate your low self-esteem
  • Learn new ways to think about yourself
  • Discover new ways to talk to yourself that are more realistic and compassionate
  • Let go of shame
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Learn to set boundaries and ask for what you need in relationships
  • Enhance your empathy for yourself and others
  • Dare to dream!

Believing in yourself can be a challenge.

But staying stuck where you are is much more difficult.
Do you need someone to guide you on the road
to feeling better about yourself and your life?