You Deserve the Joy and Comfort of a Happy Life

Discover how to feel happy and handle whatever life throws at you.

Finding solutions when you feel sad and lonely can be overwhelming.
Where do you start? The Relationship Centre can move you in the right direction
and set you up for long term success.

Experience the Freedom That Comes From Being in Strong Healthy Relationships

Be Self-Assured

Have more confidence
when you handle
life’s challenges.

Feel Loved

Develop an understanding of yourself and others to build deeper relationships.

Achieve Peace

Reduce the amount of conflict
that leads to arguing
and friction.

Gain the Safety and Security You Long For

We know you’re longing for relationships that offer a deeper connection. It’s how you’re wired. But when those relationships are stressed or crumbling it can make you feel that you’ve lost everything and there’s no way out. Even when you’ve tried to fix things.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what life throws at you, we know you can rise above the challenges and get back into harmony with those you love most.

At The Relationship Centre We Can Help You
Overcome What Feels Impossible

We understand how difficult it is to ask for help, but you’re not alone.
We also know you want to be in a better place. We can show you how to get there.
Our doors have been open since 2006 and collectively we have over 100 years experience helping people just like you.

Individual Therapy


Develop more meaningful relationships with those around you and stop feeling exhausted by trying to solve everything on your own. That can be a lonely battle. You deserve a life with less burdens to carry.
We can help.

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Couples Therapy


Create balance between the big 3: Relationship – Commitment – Connection. If you and your spouse are constantly fighting and feel more like strangers than partners, it’s time to get connected. You deserve more.
We can help.

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Family Therapy


Build strong family ties that bind. The road to having a happy family can be a bumpy one. But your time is precious and fleeting. Don’t wait to achieve harmony. You deserve a life full of wonderful memories.
We can help.

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Schedule an Appointment

Call the office and schedule a time to see us for your in-person, video or phone session.

Work with a Carefully Chosen Therapist

We’ll match you with a therapist who has the right expertise to help you with your specific needs and goals.

Start Feeling Better and Optimistic

At the end of your first session, you’ll have a plan to achieve your goals and an outline of how often you’ll meet with your therapist.

NEW Therapy Options to make your life easier…

NEW 30 Minute Therapy Sessions

We understand finding time for therapy can be challenging. Our 30 minute session may be the perfect answer.

FREE 15 Minute Consultation

Unsure if therapy is right for you. Try our FREE 15 minute consultation by phone or video session.

60 Minute Therapy Sessions

If you need more time to focus on you and the steps you can take to feel better – our 60 minute session may be the ideal option.

Everything is Better When You Feel Better

You'll feel equipped to handle life's challenges.
You'll be at peace and no longer feel isolated or on edge.
You'll feel loved and cared for.
You'll be better in all of your relationships.
You'll feel confident and assured enabling you to achieve more.
You'll feel more stable and balanced.
You'll be happier and enjoy living your life to the fullest.
You'll feel like you have accomplished something significant.
You'll be more creative.

Don’t  wait to start creating the happy life you deserve.

You might miss out on a life that could be so much more.
We understand it’s hard to see beyond where you are now, but we can get you there.