The Relationship Centre

Virtual Therapy Sessions Made Easy

You get the same intimate connection, care, and support you know & trust with added privacy and convenience

Is Virtual Therapy Right For You?

When you go through the hard stuff with someone who really listens and is tuned into your true needs & feelings, sometimes it’s best to do it from the privacy and of your own space.

Best suited for individuals & couples, Virtual Therapy allows you to experience the same change, progress, and shifts as conventional in-person sessions without racing to make it on time.

Move forward in your life from the comfort and privacy of your own space

Eliminate driving time, reduce overwhelm, and work around your schedule and needs

Experience wins while wearing your comfy clothes

See things in a new way with your pet nearby

Enjoy a cup of tea in a familiar space while you progress toward feeling better about yourself or your relationship

More easily work around your child’s schedule

Protect or recover your time with less stress while adding convenience to routine therapy & care

“I have clients I’ve never met in person, and my bond with them is as strong as those I work with in person.”

~ Mary Joan Brinson
Founder of The Relationship Centre

Virtual Therapy Works…
Don’t Take Our Word For It.

“Online [virtual] therapy provides an equally effective option for mental health support as face-to-face therapy. People seeking therapeutic support for anxiety, depression, and other common mental health needs can use virtual or in-person therapy as a support.”


“These results suggest that internet-delivered [virtual] therapy may be a viable alternative to in-person therapy.”

~ Psychotherapy Research

“Our results found eCBT is at least as effective as face to face CBT, thus eCBT should be offered if preferred by patients and therapists.”

~ eClinical Medicine

“for the anxiety and depressive disorders is effective, acceptable and practical health care.”

~ Journal of Anxiety Disorders

“How Does It Work?”

All you need is an internet connection, access to a computer, smartphone or tablet, and follow these simple instructions:

  • Book your Video Therapy session online or email or call the office at 613-848-3683.

  • Complete your Intake Paperwork and Consent Forms that will be emailed to you from our practice management program.

  • You will receive an email Appointment Reminder with a button “Join Now” to join your video session. Read and Agree to the short consent form and your device will open up the video session.

  • You may be asked to have your Audio and Video accessed – select yes – this will allow you to see and hear your therapist, and for your therapist to see and hear you.