The Relationship Centre

Feeling Better Starts Here

The Relationship Centre is a team of caring therapy professionals dedicated to helping get through anything holding you back.

Discover how to feel happy and handle whatever life throws at you.

We Believe Getting Help Should Be Easy

“We know how hard it is to ask for help. It takes courage. To contact someone you’ve never met and share that you’re struggling. But we encourage you to take that first step. Because we know what’s waiting for you on the other side. A better way to live.”

Mary Joan Brinson MSW, RSW
Certified EFT Therapist & Clinical Director

Because we understand how discouraging and stressful life can be when you don’t have the support you need. Getting help shouldn’t be difficult too.

You want to feel safe and secure with people you can trust. That is why you can request a therapist or have one carefully chosen for you. Each therapist is trained with expertise in trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, perinatal mood disorders and couples therapy.

You Weren’t Meant To Solve Every Problem On Your Own

Because struggling to feel better on your own can be a lonely battle. And sometimes, you need to reach out and ask for help.

Whatever brought you here today know that you are not alone and you are one step closer to feeling better.

Take That First Step

Asking for help puts you one step closer to the happy life you deserve.

Our Team is Built Around A Common Desire to Help

We share a joint vision to offer a safe place where people can do this important work.

Mary Joan Brinson MSW, RSW

Certified EFT Therapist & Clinical Director

Mary Joan has taken her 25 years of clinical experience helping clients and couples to now directing and supporting the work of The Relationship Centre. She is committed to helping people experience the incredible growth and healing that can come from doing deeper emotional work.
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Deborah Crewson

Office Manager

Deborah is one of the kind faces and warm voices that will greet you in person or by phone when you reach out to The Relationship Centre. Her primary goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
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Makaila Evans

Client Care Coordinator

Makaila is one of the first people who will greet you when you reach out to The Relationship Centre. Her goal is to put you at ease and assist you in getting the support you need.
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Katie Lobe MSW, RSW


Registered Social Worker – Assisting people to experience positive change in their lives is one of the many reasons Katie continues to love this work. She brings sincerity, warmth and even some humour to her work with individuals, couples, and families.
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Lori Eaton MACP, RP


Registered Psychotherapist – Lori understands the journey through struggles can be difficult, especially if people feel alone. Her therapy work offers an important connection people need and a safe supportive environment so they can face what they are working through.
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Heather Baker MSW, RSW


Registered Social Worker – Heather recognizes the courage it takes to begin therapy – to look at and accept what is not working, to explore options and make health changes and, to trust a therapist to help you grow and heal. While trained in a number of modalities, she works with people in the ways that are most helpful to them.
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Jennifer Moore MSW, RSW


Registered Social Worker – Jennifer understands we all face challenges and stressors throughout our lives and therapy is a powerful tool to help people cope, achieve their goals, and enhance their lives. She is warm, non-judgemental and creates a safe space to do this work.
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Tara Gingrich MSW, RSW


Registered Social Woker – Tara believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship to heal, transform, and nurture growth. She helps people form a holistic understanding of themselves while developing emotional awareness and achieving their potential.
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Julie Wiltshire, B.Sc., RP


Registered Psychotherapist – Julie experiences a sense of joy in working collaboratively with people as she helps them tap into their strengths. She sees people as the experts in their own lives and she helps them navigate through challenges to experience positive change in their lives.
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Mary Broeders MSW, RSW


Registered Social Worker – Mary sees herself as a guide walking alongside people as they shed emotions, self-concepts and narratives that no longer serve them while picking up new insights while strengthening their inner resources. She uses a non-judgemental and empathic approach in her work.
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Matthew Brown MSW, RSW


Registered Social Worker – Matthew understands life is full of ups and down and at times, and we all need support. He works from a client-centred approach offering genuine care and connection in his work designed to foster healing and growth.
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Jenni Beaver MSW, RSW


Registered Social Worker – Jenni’s goal is to provide therapy from a place of sincerity, kindness, and compassion. She shares that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a good sense of humour creating a safe calm space for sharing and collaboration.
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Stephanie Wilson MA, RP - In Training


Stephanie loves people and hearing their stories and that is what draws her to this work. She has a passion for working with couples as she feels the change process is the greatest and most transformative.
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Kristen MacCarthy MSW, RSW


Kristen sees her therapy work as a resource for people to obtain guidance on how to endure or address the challenges and pains that occur in life. These experiences can be overwhelming and too much to take on alone. She supports people through their healing work and holds hope for the improvements that can be experienced leading to more happiness and improved self-esteem and confidence.
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Andrew Garnet MSW, RSW


Andrew provides a safe, supportive, warm and calming environment for exploration and discovery to happen.  He understands that we can sometimes behave or engage in ways that we don’t understand or want, and that can take us off course.  He helps people understand what drives their behaviour so they can make better choices and move towards their desired outcomes.
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Lisa Hess MSW, RSW


Lisa sees her therapeutic role as a vital resource, guiding individuals through life’s challenges and pains. Her mission centres on facilitating healing, and nurturing hope for positive changes that lead to increased happiness, self-esteem, and confidence. Lisa’s safe and non-judgmental approach fosters a space for growth and transformation. With warmth, compassion, and humour, she accompanies individuals on their unique journeys to healing.
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