Separation & Divorce Therapy

The end of a relationship is a difficult experience.

Some relationships end suddenly while others grow apart over years. Some endings are mutual, while others are unexpected and unwanted. Regardless of the reason for the ending, or the manner in which it takes place, you are likely to experience intense emotions.

A separation or divorce is also experienced as a grief – the death of the vision of being together forever – with everything that entailed for you. Separation and divorce therapy assist individuals as they grieve the losses and discover a new way of living and moving forward.

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Couple on couch Separation & Divorce Therapy

The best security blanket a child can have is parents who respect each other. ~ Jan Blaustone

Specialized separation and divorce therapists will assist you to heal individually, and if you are a parent, to understand how to support your children through the separation and divorce; talking to children about separation and divorce, helping navigate the emotional challenges presented by children, and finding the way to co-parenting in a healthy way. Many of our therapists are also trained to work directly with children through this difficult transition.

sad boy Separation & Divorce Therapy
Sad girl Separation & Divorce Therapy

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Separation or Divorce can be difficult.

Having a road map to help you figure out where you are going and how to get there helps.
But you need to take the first step.