The Relationship Centre

As many staff and students have returned to school – a roller coaster of emotions may be experienced. Excitement, anxiety, anticipation, or

All children feel anxious at one time or another. But when anxiety gets in the way every day, children get irritable or even

We expect new parents to be happy – tired maybe, but happy with their new little bundle of joy. And some are

Recognizing postpartum depression might not be as easy as you think. There are two reasons for this: It doesn’t always look like

Addictions hurt. They hurt the individual who struggles with them. They hurt the people who love them. Sometimes addiction is easy to

Creating good strong relationships can be hard work – even under the best of circumstances. But when you factor in an experience

Emotional neglect is hard to identify. It is created by what did not happen and it does not leave physical injuries or scars. And

Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder – What is the Difference? Many people have a messed-up relationship with food. And whether it is a

I was a girl who looked perfectly happy and healthy but internally I was broken, torn apart, and completely consumed by disordered