The Relationship Centre

Hello, I am Mary Joan Brinson MSW, RSW, Founder & Director for The Relationship Centre. I am a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and an approved supervisor candidate with the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

Our team is growing, and we are ready to welcome therapists who are aligned with our mission of providing the safety and guidance for people to do deep emotional work that will transform their lives and relationships with the people they love the most.

We are a heart-centred practice that cares deeply about our work, our clients and each other.

Who We Are

The Relationship Centre is an established, thriving group practice located in Belleville, Ontario. Join us for an exciting new chapter as we settle into our new Therapy Centre built to offer an exceptional experience for both clients and therapists.

Our Therapy Centre is located in Belleville, ON and we provide individuals, couples and family therapy to children, teens, and adults. We help our clients overcome the difficulties they are facing with evidence-based therapies to facilitate their healing and growth. Our work is grounded in Attachment Theory and Trauma-Informed Therapy.

Our clients are requesting in-person therapy, so we are interested to meet therapist who are available to provide in-person sessions at least 3 days per week.

We love the work we do, and we want to meet like-minded therapists who want to share in this powerful work with us.

What We Love Offering to Our Therapy Team

The Relationship Centre offers administrative support that contributes to the flexibility, independence, and healthy work/life balance that our therapists value.

  • If you value excellence in practice and service to the community…
  • If you have a strong interest in being part of a collaborative, supportive team of therapists and demonstrate a passion for continued education and growth in your practice…
  • If you want to pursue interests in groups, workshops, teaching, community outreach, consultation, and supervision…
  • If you have the drive to maintain at least 15 client sessions per week….

The Relationship Centre could be a perfect match for you.

Other Benefits of Belonging to Our Team Include:

  • Join a dynamic team that is dedicated to enhancing your role as a mental health professional and empowering you to make a meaningful impact in our community.

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative world of Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy, with a focus on honing your skills and expertise.

  • Become associated with a community-renowned practice that values your contribution and provides a platform for your professional reputation to flourish.

  • Receive personalized support to cultivate a specialized area of expertise within your clinical practice, ensuring continuous growth in your professional journey.

  • Enjoy a consistent flow of referrals tailored to your preferred client base, enabling you to focus on the clients you are most passionate about assisting.

  • Build a stable and reliable caseload within your first month, setting the foundation for a fulfilling and sustainable career in mental health therapy.

  • Thrive in a collaborative environment surrounded by like-minded therapists who are committed to supporting your personal and professional growth.
  • Engage in regular Therapy Consult Groups, fostering a sense of community and shared learning experiences as we navigate the challenges and victories of our therapeutic journeys together.

  • Rely on a dedicated administrative team to handle mundane tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your true passion—providing quality therapy without the burden of administrative responsibilities.

  • Work with motivated and appreciative clients, contributing to a fulfilling and rewarding therapeutic experience for both you and those you serve.

  • Experience the tranquillity of our beautiful Therapy Centre, meticulously designed to enhance the well-being of both our clients and our valued team members.

  • Enjoy a healthy work environment where every team member is recognized, valued, and appreciated for their unique contributions to our collective success.

  • Be part of something extraordinary—a collaborative effort that transcends individual contributions and creates a positive impact beyond the scope of any one of us.

At The Relationship Centre, your work matters. We recognize emotional and mental challenges are best faced together. Our team of dedicated, passionate, and empathetic professionals understands the power of collaboration in serving individuals and families seeking support.

As an equal opportunity employer, The Relationship Centre values diversity and encourages applications from individuals with disabilities. We are committed to providing accommodations upon request throughout the selection process.

Discover the opportunity to be part of a team that is devoted to providing the safety and guidance for people to engage in deep emotional work, transforming their lives and relationships.

If this mission resonates with you, we invite you to connect with us and explore the possibilities of joining our team.

Be Part of Our Team

Discover a therapeutic haven where both clients and staff find solace in our serene clinical setting. Our commitment to fostering a supportive atmosphere ensures that every therapist can thrive while aiding others on their path to wellness.

"Take a peek inside our sanctuary of healing”.

Join a team dedicated to your growth and well-being

Step into a nurturing community where your skills flourish and your contributions make a real difference.