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Is Anxiety Holding You Back?

Is anxiety robbing you of the ability to enjoy your life? Do your thoughts race? Do you often feel overwhelmed and unable to cope? You are not alone.

Anxiety is a normal feeling that we all experience from time to time. It can often help alert us to a potential danger and it is a natural response to some life events. However, when symptoms of anxiety become larger than the events that triggered them they can interfere with your life.

Signs that you may be experiencing anxiety:

  • You worry excessively about work, family, money, health or your performance
  • You worry about how others perceive you or other aspects of your life
  • You often feel agitated, restless and/or irritable
  • You avoid events, places or people out of a fear of experiencing anxiety
  • Your sleep and appetite are impacted by anxiety
  • You suffer from unwanted intrusive thoughts
  • You find it hard to feel safe and secure in relationships
  • You suffer from specific fears or phobias

You do not have to feel this way. Anxiety is treatable. You can feel better.

When we work with people struggling with anxiety, we quickly assess the factors that contribute to your experience of anxiety and we provide specific tools to manage it. So instead of the anxiety managing you, we help you to learn how to manage the anxiety and get your life back.

Here is what we focus on:

  • Discovering the underlying causes of your fears and worries
  • Learning healthy ways to manage anxious thoughts
  • Developing better-coping skills
  • Learning new strategies to calm and soothe yourself
  • Developing confidence to face new situations
  • Learning ways to become more gentle and compassionate with yourself

These approaches work. And we love seeing people discover the freedom of life without anxiety.

Call today so you can feel freedom.